The Scholarship Program affords the opportunity for youth to attend college or university. The program awards supplemental scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and books at each student's chosen higher education programs.

Scholarship students study many subjects, including education, criminal justice, neuroscience, psychology, graphic design, nursing, and business. Several students have continued on to graduate school, attending programs in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, education, chemistry, and social work.

The Scholarship Program works from 2 funds:

Mary C. Krane General Operating Fund

The Bridge Project has created in endowment in the name of our long time Director Mary Krane. The endowment will allow the Bridge Project to create the financial foundation needed to serve more children and families each year.

Gary and Leslie Howard Scholarship Endowment Fund


Jeanette M. Keeler Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Bridge Project was built on the importance of children achieving higher education. As our scholarship program continues to expand, these endowments help guarantee the resources for every Bridge child to pursue a secondary education. The two endowments help support over 60 scholarship students each year.