10 of our high school students are participating in a project called The Compass Project, which is a part of The Madden Challenge. The Madden Challenge (The Compass Project) is a case competition in which first-year business and high school students develop and build a mobile app and present a business plan to bring it to market. Our students will be working with the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver on this project.

The high school students will be responsible for building the app prototype, various digital images such as logos, icons, and buttons, and the digital presentation of the app.

The Compass Project provides an invaluable experience for high school students to (a.) learn real world, employable skills (b.) work in close-knit teams with DU students (c.) receive guidance from faculty (d.) become comfortable and familiar with a college academic environment. 

The high school students will present in the Fall 2016 Madden Challenge event held at the Madden Museum of Art in November, the date and time is to be determined.