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The mission of The Bridge Project is to provide a path for youth in Denver's public housing neighborhoods to graduate from high school and go on to attend college or choose a vocation by engaging them in educational opportunities and facilitating the development of life skills and self-sufficiency.


All youth in Denver's public housing neighborhoods choose to be self-sufficient and contributing members of our community.

Core Values

Safety: Creating a space that is conducive to physical and emotional security

Personal Connection: Facilitating, nurturing, and modeling meaningful one-to-one relationships with each other and the community

Inclusivity: Recognizing and respecting the value, worth, dignity and differences of every individual

Social Justice: Recognizing and engaging in our Bridge Project neighborhoods in meaningful participation and equality of opportunity

Accountability: Owning one's responsibilities, commitments, and actions

About the Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is a community outreach initiative of the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. The program was created in 1991 through a collaboration involving community representatives and faculty members at DU. Program activities at the Bridge Project aim to reduce educational barriers and improve academic and behavioral outcomes for children residing in four Denver public housing communities.

By being located within the public housing neighborhoods, The Bridge Project removes the issue of transportation many children and families face on a daily basis. The Bridge Project has had a consistent presence in the neighborhoods for 28 years, enabling staff and volunteers to build strong relationships. Bridge is known throughout the public housing communities as  a safe space for youth to learn and grow throughout the year. Finally, Bridge has committed to having credentialed educators and social workers at each site to provide the best level of education and support to the children attending each day.